• Yeyatalunyuhe George

Official Statement Of My Arrest #1492LandbackLane

On September sixteenth at approximately 1:00 pm, I was contacted by the Ontario Provincial Police and informed of their grounds to arrest me for mischief in connection with the occupation of 1535 McKenzie Road, commonly known as McKenzie Meadows.They informed me if I did not turn myself in that there would be a warrant for my arrest.

At around 5 pm I arrived at the OPP office In London Ontario. I was not allowed to bring a support person inside with me. Two officers sat with me in a room where I was read and given an undertaking that included a second charge of disobeying a court order, section 127(1)Criminal Code.

Some of the conditions include not going to 1535 Mckenzie Road, our traditional territory that their jurisdiction cannot be proven due to the Haldimaid proclamation. Another condition includes that I am not allowed to participate in unlawful protests. As of today I am one of 29 people that have been arrested.

My court date is dec 1/2020 at 1:00 pm via zoom court room #1.

I stand with my people and fully support the occupation of 1492 Land Back Lane. This is clearly another way to attempt to silence us and dismantle the open and outpouring supports across turtle island. I will continue to use my voice the best way I know how. Stand tall!ALL NATIONS RISE!


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