• Yeyatalunyuhe George


Updated: Jun 18, 2019

There are many different types of leaders in this world. And that doesn't always mean they are positive ones. There are leaders that lead you into drugs and alcohol. There are leaders that lead you into clicks. And leaders that lead potential new bullies to be just like them. There are leaders that look for followers rather than being a team player. There is no I in team.

Growing up I didn't understand this. I always looked at a leader as someone who was above me because I didn't have the self worth to see it any other way.

It's my opinion that when you show different qualities like jealousy and comparison. Then that person no matter who it is, isn't ready to lead in a good way and they need more self healing and have more work to do for themselves. Otherwise the intentions may not be good intentions.

It's taken me a long time to understand this. Because I use to be that kind of leader that compared and judged and belittled people around me. It wasn't until I started to show gratitude for what I had in my life and started to appreciate what I could bring to the table in my own life. And being who I really wanted to be. Starting my healing work for the benefit of my home and children. And really asking myself what do I need to change to be a better person. I started to really take a look at myself and what I needed to change. And I started small and focused on the process of change. Not the results.

There's a saying that I read recently. "when you learn to lead with love and not power you will then know peace". So I lead with my heart and not my personal intentions to be bigger and better. This mindset has brought the most amazing people into my life and we have created quite the sisterhood and I have gained the most amazing friendships with people from all walks of life. We know that we have gifts to offer the world in our own individual ways. We accept eachother for who we are and have learned to communicate without judgement. I think we lack that in our relationships. And I noticed in my life, positive relationships were lacking in all directions. First I needed to have that positive relationship with myself. And accept the abundance of life to be able to receive it . Because it really had nothing to do with anyone else from the beginning.It had everything to do with me.


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